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The Emerald Atlas - John  Stephens I don't know what happened to all my reading mojo. Just haven't been able to finish a book lately. This one, I listened to in the car, and I have to say, okay. Jim Dale, undeniably awesome as a narrator. Great voice, great voices, great emotion. But his voice just falls right in the "Tune this out" range for me. I just can't pay great attention to books he reads. Which is tragical, because this book was really enjoyable! I just missed...well, probably a lot of it.

Kate, Michael and Emma were abandoned by their parents ten years ago. Kate remembers them, just a little. None of the children knows their last name, though, and instead, they've been given an initial: P. They haven't been great orphans, moving from orphanage to orphanage, refusing to be adopted, refusing to behave in any way that would get them adopted. Now, they're at Dr. Pym's. It's dusty, dirty, and creepy; they're the only children there (what kind of orphanage only has three children?!), and in the basement, they find a book. A green book that, when they slide a photo between it's pages, transports all three of them to a different time, a different place. Literally, it takes them to the moment the picture was taken.

The past is a cruel one, and a magical one. There's a Countess who's holding all of the town's children hostage, threatening their lives, searching for something that she believes is in Cambridge Falls. Kate, Michael, and Emma, of course, become deeply entangled in all of this, and it becomes their mission--their duty--to save the children.

Like I said, I really enjoyed the parts of the book I paid attention to. I liked the P kids, each with their own, very distinct personality, each determined and devoted, each with their own faults and merits. And the world building is pretty fantastic, too.