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Because I Am Furniture - Thalia Chaltas I don't generally go for novels in verse--I like a book you can sink into, and it's hard to do that with a book that's written as sparely as novels in verse really ought to be if they're making good use of the format.

This one worked for me, though. I think the white space really helped emphasize the words, the line breaks created impact and punch. Books about abuse can be graphic, can be really hard to read, can even be exploitative, and because of the format here, and because of the careful word choice, this one wasn't. I mean, well, it wasn't easy to read, obviously, there was a lot of really tough emotion, but it was super well done.

I do think novels in verse works particularly well with YA books, and for reluctant readers, and this is an excellent example of why. It had all of the impact of a full novel with more of the confidence boosting that comes with turning pages quickly.