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Why We Broke Up - Daniel Handler, Maira Kalman Min Green and Ed Slateron have broken up. It was only five weeks, and they weren't friends before, don't have any friends in common, and now they've broken up, and here, in 350 pages and a box of stuff that Min's kept from the start, is why.

And that's all there is to it. That's the entire plot. It's a clever book, filled with references to obscure, art-house films that Min loves (all entirely made up by Mr. Handler). It's also filled with--well, JFC, this is exactly the letter that a teenage Min would write. Because she's cooler than cool and deeper than deep--aren't all teenagers?--but also desperately insecure, hurt, angry, seething and seeping with it.

I will say, I didn't like the book. It feels genuine, but it's also, damn boring. Like I said, clever, and some bits made me laugh, but mostly, it's a teenage girl, whining. The end is effective and affecting, but the rest of the book was a slog. When I finished, my thought was, "Finally." This is the obscure, art-house movie of YA books, and let's face it, I do not frequent the Keystone Art Cinema. Not a bad book, but not my thing.