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Paint the Wind - Pam Muñoz Ryan Maya's parents died when she was four years old, and ever since, she's lived with her grandmother, her father's mother. Grandmother is very strict, very protective--Maya can't leave the yard, can't have friends, can't do anything remotely dangerous or fun, can't play, can't mention her mother, can't mention horses. Maya's world is very small, as a result, but Maya's learned a few things--how to lie, mostly, to avoid getting in trouble or to get a troublesome housekeeper fired--that make life bearable.

But then Grandmother dies, suddenly, and Maya is sent on an airplane to live with her mother's family on a ranch in Wyoming, where there's dust and dirt and adventure and wild horses. And Maya has to learn to adjust, to loosen up, to stop lying, to make friends with her cousin Payton and maybe even with Artemesia, a wild horse who belonged, very fleetingly, to Maya's mother.

This is another book I listened to instead of read, and the narration was...well, Maya's voice was always high-pitched and super-whiny, so I didn't actually like her. Also, just to be fair, I don't...you know, I'm not a horse story kind of girl, so I had trouble connecting. That said, there was some beautiful language, and the setting was gorgeously drawn. This is almost certainly a much better book in general than it was for me, in specific.