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Bluefish - Pat Schmatz Travis lost his home and his dog, not in that order, within weeks. His Grandpa sobered up, said they needed a change, and moved them away from the swamp they'd lived in forever, and all that, right after Rosco, the hound dog who was Travis's very best friend in the world, went missing.

Travis starts a new school, one where no one knows that he's a bluefish--that's he's stupid, that he can't even read--and where he meets Velveeta. Velveeta tells her own story, in letters written to a dead friend, about her drunken mother, the trailer park they live in, and that friend who meant so much to her.

Travis's English teacher teaches him to read, and Velveeta assists, and that's something that becomes very important to both of them.

Basically, ehhhh. I didn't get a lot out of this book. It's a nice enough story, but it's not exactly revelatory, and I didn't really feel like Velveeta's and Travis's relationship was developed. I understand that it was supposed to have been important to them, but I just didn't see the bond growing. There wasn't enough time.

It is a pretty short book--226 pages, and lots of white space for what is ostensibly a YA book--especially when you consider that there are two different POVs, here. I'm not saying it should've been longer, because, well, there wasn't much story, and it would have gotten real boring, real fast. It was just missing something in the characterizations and the character interactions.