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Shine -  Lauren Myracle Patrick is gay. Everyone knew it, although it wasn't like he went around shouting it from the rooftops and making out with his boyfriend in public. But now that he's been found, beaten senseless with a gasoline nozzle stuffed in his mouth, a slur written on his chest, now that he's in the hospital, in a coma that no one really expects him to come out of, everyone's talking about it. And Cat, a girl who would consider herself his best friend even though she's pulled away from him (and everyone else, and the world) for the last few years, becomes determined to find out who did this to him. Who could hurt a guy like Patrick, the best guy Cat knew?

I almost want to mark this one as dystopian, because, man. It felt dystopian. Shine is a bleak, bleak book, but I think it's not far off from reality at all for a lot of people. I think the setting was amazingly well done, here, from the visuals to the tertiary characters. I was fascinated by Cat, wished we could've seen more of Patrick (but, you know, being in a coma and all, and with Cat's POV and her recent distance from Patrick, I get why we didn't), and, and ROBERT. Really, Robert wowed me. Not that I loved the character, but he was painted so vividly, so realistically.

I did guess the whodunnitandwhy part about halfway through the book, but I don't detracted terribly from my enjoyment.