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When Will There Be Good News? - Kate Atkinson Joanna Hunter's mother, older sister, and baby brother were murdered when she was a little girl. Joanna was with them, but she fled into a cornfield before the attacker managed to get to her. Now, days after the murderer was released from prison, Joanna and her baby have gone missing. Reggie, Joanna's nanny, is desperate to find her, certain that there's more to the disappearance that Mr. Hunter (Joanna's husband, the baby's father) will say. Jackson Brodie, a former policeman, a former private investigator, is rescued from a train crash by none other than Reggie, who wheedles him into searching for Mrs. Hunter. Louise, a detective, is investigating Mr. Hunter for insurance fraud among other non-violent crimes, and Reggie draws her into the investigation as well. Oh, and Jackson and Louise used to work together. And someone's broken into Reggie's apartment and threatened her.

A lot going on for one book, eh? And I'm not sure what I think about it. I didn't like the book too well, to be honest. These people's lives are tangled up in coincidence and crime, and it was difficult for me to keep track of everything that was going on, for a while. I think if I'd read the first two Jackson Brodie books first, I might have been a lot more invested in that character, which would have made this book more compelling, but I really--the characters were interesting, but I didn't really care about them. But, I bought all the coincidence, and there's a lot of it, and I didn't for a second say, "There is no way that all of these people have such an amazing amount of tragedy going on," and there was a whole lot of that, and I think that is a pretty awesome feat--my belief, she was suspended.

Still, it was just okay for me.