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Juniper Berry - M.P. Kozlowsky, Erwin Madrid Juniper Berry has famous parents. Not just rich, not just well-known, but famous. Angelina & Brad famous. But they're also...missing something. Something's just not right, and Juniper needs to get them back. They hardly even notice her anymore, and she's lonely, locked away from the paparazzi and the rest of the world.

But then she meets Giles, a small boy with more hair than his head can hold who becomes Juniper's very first friend--and whose parents are also more than a bit off, these days, and together, they become determine dto find out what's happening and to fix it. There's a gnarled old tree, a crow, and every dark thing you'd expect from the combination. But there's also hope and friendship and sparks in the gloom.

This book is just the right mix of scary and warm, with characters and settings that exist in 3D in my mind. This would be a perfect October read for a child who wants scary, but not too scary.