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Learning to Swim - Sara J. Henry An adult book! Such a shock, I know.

For some reason, I always think that I don't like mysteries. And I would say that in a sense, it's true. I'm not a mystery reader. I don't seek out reviews of mysteries, I don't follow the genre. But I do like mysteries, and actually, I like them quite a lot. It's not my favorite genre, and I never really acquired them for myself, but my mother reads a lot of mysteries, and I remember taking her books and zipping through them when I was younger. And I do seem to read them faster than any other type of book, and I think the reason for that is pretty obvious. It's a mystery. You need to find out what has happened, which for whatever reason is just naturally more compelling than a story that you read to find out what is going to happen.

So anyway. Learning to Swim. Troy Chance jumps off of a ferry to rescue a small boy from drowning in the Middle of Lake Champlain. When she gets him to shore, she realizes that he'd been thrown off of his ferry, that his arms had been bound and--against all logic--takes him to her home instead of to the authorities. The boy speaks only French, and he eventually tells her that he'd been kidnapped. When he finally tells her his name and Troy can't find any mention of this missing child in the news, she seeks out his father. Slowly, suspiciously, and with very little help of the Canadian police, Troy unravels the mystery of what happened to this child and why his father hadn't been beatnig the bushes to find his little boy.

It was good. I kept reading, I was interested. But I didn't like Troy; for a woman who got emotionally entangled with this little boy so very quickly, she came off as cold and wooden. I actually don't think any of the characters were all that well developed, and as a result, the outcome didn't much matter to me. I wanted to find out who'd abducted Paul and why, but I didn't really care about the climax--you know, the inevitable scene where Troy finds and confronts the person who tried to kill this little boy who Troy immediately loved. Also, the twist wasn't very twisty.