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The Luck of the Buttons - Anne Ylvisaker The Button family is not what you'd call lucky. Or talented. Or successful. Or well thought of amongst the town's people. Tugs Button is already following in the grand tradition of Buttons, wearing the same two pairs of overalls repeatedly, having the name of Tugs (and for a girl!), tripping and falling and just generally having exactly the luck of the Buttons.

And then one day, things start to change. For no reason at all, Tugs's luck starts looking up--but will it continue that way? She is after all, a Button. And obviously, it's exactly that sort of thinking that's kept the Buttons down for generations, and so Tugs will have to decide some things, mostly things having to do with her opinion of herself.

I fear that this is exactly the sort of book that adults love for children to read, and that most children don't much care to read. I, however, enjoyed it quite a lot, even if forty pages in I started having Music Man flashbacks.