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Invincible Summer - Hannah Moskowitz I am still thinking about this book, like, six days later. I loved this book.

And I read on Ms. Moskowitz's blog that this is not a love story, but dude. It's a love story. It's just a love story between Noah and Chase, who yes, are brothers. But brothers who, like, I mean, they're in love with each other in a non-sexual way, but in a way where if they ever do actually get married to girls, they're still going to come first to each other. It's really romantic, in a weird way, but that was the love story I was reading for.

I don't want to do a plot description, because I...can't write one. But I loved everything about this book. And the part at the restaurant when Gideon said that thing? My heart BROKE like crazy. That was the saddest part of the book for me.

And that's all I have to say about that.