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Fall for Anything - Courtney Summers Eddie Reeves's world is all wrong, now. Her father killed himself, and he left behind only the simplest, shortest, most unsatisfactory of explanations. Eddie's mother has fallen apart, spending almost every day in her housecoat, refusing to open windows. Her best friend has a girlfriend for the summer, when he's supposed to be spending his time with Eddie. And her mother's best friend, who Eddie can't stand, is moving in.

And all Eddie wants is to know why. She thinks that if she could just know why that her problems would be...something. Not so problematic. She's reaching for something, anything, some sort of hope.

Enter Culler Evans. Culler was a photography student of her father, the only students he's ever had, a student he never mentioned to Eddie. So Culler. Maybe he has some answers.

I pretty much guessed what was going on, but it didn't really matter, because I was invested, and because the writing was that good. And also, that best friend of Eddie's? <3<3<3