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We'll Always Have Summer - Jenny Han I just adore these books. I have some doubts about how good they actually are, and this last one in particular, I just...well, honestly, I could have done without the whole wedding thing, since I just couldn't really buy it--it's not the writing, it's the plot, I think, it's just--it feels self-indulgent, like the author was having so damn much fun and like, writhing around in her bed in glee at the drama and th angst, you know? that she didn't realize that it wasn't terribly realistic? But it didn't matter, at all, while I was reading the book, because I fell in love with the characters in the first book, and I stayed in love the whole way through the trilogy.

Belly can make bad decisions and be indecisive and stubbornly ignorant. I still want to be her. Jeremiah can be selfish and careless and unrealistic, but I still want him to fall in love with me. Conrad can be muleish and cruel and self-martyring, and I still love him. Seriously, I think the books could have been rubbish if Conrad were still Conrad, and I would have loved them anyway, because I love Conrad Fisher. Conrad Fisher is the boy I always thought I'd marry.

Love triangle-y and delicious, and Cousins still feels alive to me, the beach, the house, the town, although we didn't get a lot of that in this book. Great setting, great characters, and just straight-up fun books.