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Once a Witch - Carolyn MacCullough Tamsin is a witch. Well, she was supposed to have been a witch, but her 8th birthday came and went, and her power never manifested. As a result, she's become a spectator in her own family--she's there, but she's not really a part of it, and she's sure she never will be. But when a man comes into the bookstore her family owns asking for some help finding something--and by this, he means magical help--Tamsin just can't help herself. She tells him that she can help him, that she will help him, and, oh, yes, her name is Rowena and she is in fact the perfect and Talented and perfectly Talented Greene sister who Tamsin has perhaps always been jealous of. And then things get out of control. And there's a romance, of course.

I can't quite decide how I feel about this book. It wasn't bad--well-written, not too long, not too short, no female characters that can't fend off a fly without male help--but it wasn't good, either. I mean, nothing really kept me reading. I didn't get attached to the characters, the setting was okay, but not terribly atmospheric, and the whole plot didn't seem to be anything particularly original or special.

Not a book I regret reading, but I doubt I'll be picking up the sequel when it's published, and as the book ends on something of a cliffhanger...well, not a good sign.