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Cracked Up to Be - Courtney Summers Parker Fadley was popular. She was an A+ student, she was the girlfriend of the most popular guy in school, she was captain of the cheerleading squad. She was never terribly nice, but she was--well, popular.

Now, Parker has no friends. She's got to attend every class, do every assignment, spend an hour with the guidance councilor every Friday, follow every rule, if she wants to have even a chance to graduate. Her ex-boyfriend is still in love with her, her parents are are worried about her and rooting for her, her guidance councilor genuinely cares. Parker does everything she can to disappoint each of them, to keep them at a distance. Now there's a new kid at school, a guy, the only person that doesn't know how Parker went from Then to Now, and he's interested. And he likes her. And Parker's scared.

Cracked Up to Be is the story of what happened, of how Parker got from perfect to screw up. And how can she get back to okay if she continues to do everything she has to dig herself deeper into failure?

Well, I liked this one. I've been trying to read it for like, a year? I'd pick it up, read a page, put it down. Finally, I picked it up, read thirty pages, and finished it. It's well-written, it's interesting. There's a sort of mystery, though I didn't even realize it until halfway through the book. I was reading for Parker, not for the "what happened", and it worked that way. And all of the characters, even the dog, were awesome. Believable and, actually, I kind of liked each of them. Even Becky. Especially Chris, though, well, he's a douchebag. Good book, and I'm excited to read Fall For Anything, now, because the writing was really that good.