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I Hadn't Meant to Tell You This - Jacqueline Woodson This is a quiet little book, almost all atmosphere and character, just a smidgeon of plot.

Marie is black, and in Chauncey, that makes her part of the majority. Lena is new to town. She's white, she's dirty, she's poor, and for some reason, maybe the fact that neither of them has a mother, Marie is drawn to her. They become friends, good friends, best friends, even though no one and nothing makes it easy. But Lena's got a secret, one she shares easily with Marie, but that she begs Marie not to tell anyone else. But it's a big secret--scary and serious, and Marie's not so sure that she shouldn't tell.

I'm not sure you can actually like this book, but it was powerful, and moving, and the spirits of the two girls shine right off the page.