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Amy & Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson Man, it has been a while since I've read a (non-picture) book all the way through. I mean, I've started lots of them, and none of them were books I wanted to give up on, but I just...wasn't in a book-reading place, I guess.

This was the perfect book for me to break my fast, though. I started reading it in the car, on the two & a half hour trip to my mother's house, which seems a little obvious, since it's a road-trip book, but I like obvious, and it was--I mean, I was in a car, riding along, and Amy and Roger were in the car, playing twenty questions, and I could be right there, with the world moving around me, too. At one point, I looked up, in that way you do when you're sucked into a book and you realize for a minute that you're not in the book, that you're there in the world, and I wanted to ask if he'd missed me, while I was gone. Like I'd just gotten back, you know?

Well, anyway. This was a good book, obviously. One I very much enjoyed and was able to get absorbed in. An awesome road trip book, though I don't have an especially soft spot in my heart for those. The gist:

Amy's father died three months ago. Amy's mother has moved across the country to Pennsylvania, to find a place for them to make a new life, and now that the school year has ended, Amy's going to join her there. In order to get both Amy and the car from California, Amy's mom has arranged for Roger, a family friend who Amy played with when they were kids but doesn't really remember, to make the trip with Amy. And obviously, self-discovery and healing, and also some romance, ensue.

There are lots of awesome secondary--even tertiary--characters, and a bunch of those amazing moments that you can only have on hot summer nights when you're an unsupervised teenager, where Amy can reveal her truths and grow larger and wiser, with these people who she knows she'll most likely never see them again. And of course, Amy and Roger, who are real in quiet, subdued ways. Also, playlists! I love playlists.