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The Innocent - Harlan Coben I think I really like Harlan Coben, but I also think (yes, based upon the two of his books I've read) that he's pretty formulaic. Or, well, he uses the same peripheral characters repeatedly, and so his books also always have the same basic types of characters. Having said that, this was a really captivating and intruiging book. I listened to it on audiobook, and I was always reluctant to turn off the car.

There's a compelling mystery with a couple of huge twists, beginning with the accidental-ish death of a boy in college, and a short time in a maximum security fecility for our main character. Once out, he gets a decent job, finds a great woman, and has...well, obviously, a few worries related to his past, but overall, things are getting better. Then there's a dead nun with breast implants, a blurry cell-phone video of his wife in a wig, and evyerhing gets crazy.

Recommended for lovers of mystery/suspense novels.