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You - Charles Benoit I do believe this is the only actual published book written in second person POV that I've ever read, and I think there's a really good reason for that. Second person is...well, it's demanding. Literally, it demands that the reader be the protagonist, that they put themselves right there in the protagonist's head--a story written in second person has to be real, believable, vital, because when you read it, you have to be the protagonist for it work. And I think Mr. Benoit did a remarkable job in You.

I can't really describe the plot. Kyle Chase has parent issues, friend issues, girl issues, school issues, and anger issues. Kyle Chase is exactly like every teenager, on the inside. He's also frozen. There's nothing about his life that he likes, but he can't seem to change anything, and isn't that exactly what it's like to be in high school? Your role is scripted from the first day of 9th grade.

Anyway, this book deserves at least four stars, probably four and half, maybe five. I connected to it, the voice worked, I got Kyle, I was Kyle. But I want to give it three because it was so unsatisfying, which I'm positive is intentional. How can anything about Kyle's story be satisfying?