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Perchance to Dream - Lisa Mantchev Best opening ever, I swear. I love pie, and I love books, so...you know, amazing.

I'm not actually sure how I felt about this book. I read it in a weekend, and I've had some trouble finishing books lately, so I must have enjoyed it. I think it's fantastic that I still hae no idea how the love triangle is going to turn out; I've seen love triangles where the middle point is torn, but generally there's a constant leaning in one direction, so you can feel, at the end, like the triumphant romance was meant to be. I'm thinking that Bertie's either going to end up alone (Rory Gilmore/Team Bella Goes to College FTW), or Ariel and Nate are going to see through the veil of hostility and fall in love so that a Happy!Stable!Threesome ending rules the day. Or, um. That might not happen, but I'm not gonna lie, that's what I always hope for in a love triangle, so that would be the best thing ever.

What was I on about? Oh, right. Anyway, it was no doubt a beautifully written book, and definitely unique and different from anything I've read recently. It was confusing and dream-like, and it made me feel muddled and hazy, which is exactly how Bertie felt, so I imagine that's--well, darn, this was a really well-done novel, now wasn't it?

All righty, I've decided. I liked it, hoo boy, I liked it more than I thought I did before I, er. Thought about it? I think it was difficult, coming off of Shug, where I identified super-strongly with the protagonist, because I don't really identify with Bertie, which makes it hard for me to LOVE these books. But they're still darn good.