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Stonewords: A Ghost Story (Harper Trophy Books) - Pam Conrad This was another book that I read over and over when I was young. I think I got it from a book fair, and I loved it. The ghost story was creepy enough to give me goosebumps on the 23rd read-through, but not scary enough to give me nightmares.

The cover of the book I had (have, probably, at my momma's house) is of a girl with a skeleton hand, which, come on, tell me what child wouldn't want to read that book? Mmm, time-travel ghost story deliciousness.

I also vividly remember Zoe's relationship with her grandparents. I remember how they loved her, how she loved them, and it reminds me of my Grandma & Grandpa on my mother's side. Something about sitting out in their backyard, lightning bugs, and a half-tamed garden...

This, by the way, is a terrible book review.