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The Butterfly Garden - Annette Blair The problem with the five-star rating system is that I just can't imagine finishing a book and then giving it one star. If I finish it, I probably will give it at least an "it's okay" rating. Like this book. Read it in a day, skimmed some passages. It's not a great book. I wouldn't recommend it. But I didn't not like it.

It's basically a romance novel, disguised by a hard cover with a butterly instead of Fabio. Fabio with a beard and a--I don't, a union suit they call them? Those pajama--oh, whatever. Anyway, it's a romance novel about Amish people, complete with graphic sex scenes! How odd.

The characters are likeable enough, and less flat than in your average romance novel, but it's. Well, it's a romance novel. I would recommend it only to people who were looking for historical Amish romance novels. What do you suppose the audience is like for that?