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Jumped - Rita Williams-Garcia I picked this book up because it's one of the 2009 National Book Award Finalists in Young People's Literature.

Jumped is written in three different characters' first-person points-of-view in alternating chapters. Dominique is a basketball player, angry because one grade from last year is keeping her on the bench for the entire season. Trina is an artist with--let's just say, really high self-esteem. Leticia is overweight, an observer who adores gossip, feels driven to know everything and to be the first to report it. In fact, Leticia is present when Dominique decides to jump Trina for a nearly undetectable slight.

I have not read a lot of urban fiction, YA or otherwise, but I think this is probably a great addition to the genre. Williams-Garcia gives the three main characters incredible, distinct voices, and I think the ending is brilliant.

I rate books based on my personal reaction, and I didn't really connect to this book. It deserves better.