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Eyes Like Stars - Lisa Mantchev I read about five reviews of this by various book bloggers before I was finally convinced to read it. And, would you believe, not one of those reviews mentioned that THIS BOOK DOES NOT END?! It's apparently a trilogy, so it's not meant to end, but after last summer's "SURPRISE! You'll be writhing in anticipatory agony for a year+!" fest, I--I mean, it'd be nice at least to know, so I could expect that agony and make the choice to inflict it upon myself rather than having it sprung on me after blah blah blah run-on sentence.

So, that aside, I liked it yea verily. Beatrice Shakespeare Smith is an orphan, or something like an orphan, and she's lived her entire life in a theater, with the fairies from A Midsummer Night's Dream as friends and the set from The Little Mermaid as the scenery for a fun outing. But she's a spirited girl, and she's caused some troubles for the Theater Manager; she's destroyed sets and encouraged independent and reckless behavior from the Players (the characters from every play ever who also live in the theater and just sort of hang around waiting for their cues), and now she has to prove her worth to stay in the theater.

So now Bertie has to put on a changed up, mixed around version of Hamlet, all the while looking for answers about her parents and how she really got here, though she believes there are no answers to be found, and there's a (MY FAVORITE!) sort of love triangle brewing between Beatrice, a random one-line pirate, and the air sprite from The Tempest. AWESOME. Oh, and a sea witch.

It's hard to explain, and it's frustrating because of the way things didn't get wrapped up, but I really enjoyed it, and I'll be waiting for Act II.