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A Map of the Known World - Lisa Ann Sandell I'd read rave reviews of this one, so I went in with high expectations. And it was pretty good. It was well-written, the characters were well-developed, actions and reactions were realistic. But it still didn't hit me.

Like, okay, Twilight--not well-written, everything was unrealistic, the characters were more like caricatures, and it was bad. And yet, I thought it was romantic adn wonderful like ZOMG, I couldn't help it. This book was the opposite of that.

It's not really a fair comparison--this book has a romance, but it's not a romance. There are no vampires, and there's no love triangle, and I cannot even begin to explain how much I love a love triangle. So, anyway, well done book, really, but it's not a book I'm going to remember.