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A Mercy - Toni Morrison So this one is all about character. I kept expecting a mystery to unravel, like Beloved, but there was no mystery. The last chapter, Florens's mother's chapter, was maybe supposed to have been a revelation? Because obviously, Florens didn't understand her mother's choice, or it wouldn't have shaped her into the person she was--but for me, it was clear the entire time. What reason could a mother have for pushing her child away? Danger, of course. And for Toni Morrison, I--I read Beloved, I read Paradise, and the way that she writes women, writes mothers...I just never thought that it had anything to do with this mother loving her baby boy more than her daughter.

So, anyway, I think to really get into this book, or care about it at all, you have to sink yourself into the characters, to prise their real feelings out of their thoughts.

I didn't read it the way it was meant to be read, because I was looking for something else, something to happen, and instead, the book was someone happening.