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The Dead and the Gone - Susan Beth Pfeffer I really like apocalyptic novels. It's fascinating, exploring the idea of the world ending, of what people would actually do if they knew that the world was changed and that only a few people (if any) would live to see the next chapter. In 2000, there was a site called, I think, twominutestilmidnight.com, and it challenged people to write a short description of what they'd do if they knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that the world would end in two minutes. I loved that website, loved reading what other people wrote, what it revealed about them. This book fell flat, for me, and I'm really disappointed because I was anticipating enjoying it so much.

Maybe because, having already read Life as We Know It (which this book was written as a companion to, and in which the same phenomenon occurs), I knew exactly what effects the asteroid would have. Mostly, I think I just had trouble connecting to Alex and his family; Alex and I have very little in common, and I never was able to relate to him like I did to Miranda.

I'd still suggest this to pre-teens and teens who are looking for apocalyptic stories, or stories of survival. It just wasn't my thing, I guess.