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Life As We Knew It - Susan Beth Pfeffer I listened to this one as an audiobook with my fella, who does not read and is somewhat contemptuous of books. We both enjoyed it, quite a bit, and we were both eager to listen to more, to finish it out. But at the end, he pointed out that, really...nothing happened. Which is pretty interested, for an apocalyptic book. How can nothing happen while the world is ending?

Miranda's a teenager, living at home with her mother and her younger brother when an asteroid hits the moon. It's not supposed to be a big deal, really--like an eclipse, just more rare. But the asteroid is denser than the scientists though, and it knocks the moon closer. And that does all kinds of funny things to the tides. Then there's no electricity, no school, no food--and things just don't get better, and Miranda's family was prepared, but winter comes sooner than expected.

Really. Chapters and chapters and chapters go by, and nothing happens. I'm not saying it was anything other than completely pleasurable to listen to, but don't go into it looking for a lot of action. There's little to be had here. I'm looking forward to reading The Dead and the Gone, which I hear has everything that's missing here.