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Impossible - Nancy Werlin I am generally opposed to books that--it's hard to explain. There's a rape in this book, but this book is not about rape. Let's talk about Speak, which is an amazing book about a girl who's raped, who's trying desperately to get through it with no help from anyone, with people actively working against her. This isn't that book, and, as I began, I am generally opposed to books use rape as a plot device; that is to say, books that aren't about rape, but contain rape as a means to an end.

Impossible, uh, well, it does use rape as a plot device. But it's so well-handled that you don't feel as if Nancy Werlin misused it; instead, it's very believable (within the confines of the fantasy story), and it was completely necessary. There was no way to tell this story that didn't involve a rape of some kind.

Impossible is a fantasy story in a contemporary setting, which is great for people who want to get their fairy on without having to deal with all that trying-to-figure-out-an-entirely-different-world business. Lucy is a 17-year old girl who, as I gave away already, gets raped. And pregnant. And her foster parents are pretty great about it, and her mother is an insane bag-lady who shows up at inopportune moments, and her friend Zach, who used to be her next-door neighbor, and is suddenly living with her family, feeling things for her...But there's more. Way, way more, and I think that the way that Lucy deals with the emotional impact of everything that's happening to her when she has so many other, big, huge things to worry about is amazingly realistic.

And I loved this book. I couldn't stand to put it down. Loved it.