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Savvy - Ingrid Law Her grandfather can make the Earth move. Her brother can make hurricanes. Her mother is perfect. Mibs is normal...so far. But she's coming up on her thirteenth birthday, and that's when her family generally inherits their savvy--their special talent.

Just days before Mibs' very special birthday, though, her father gets in a terrible car accident, and the outlook, well. It's not good. Her mother and oldest brother head to the nearest city while Mibs and the rest of her siblings are stuck in the care of the preacher's obnoxiously everything-must-appear-perfect wife.

But Mibs just knows that her special talent will be waking people up, and she's bound and determined to get to the city, the hospital, and her poppa, to prove it.

Mibs, her brothers, and the preacher's kids wind up on a pink Bible bus and on a wild, hilarious, and sometimes desperate adventure. I really enjoyed this book; the storytelling is hilarous, the characters are wacky, but their feelings, their fear and attachment to their father, and their affection for each other, rings sweetly true.