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We are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball - Kadir Nelson This is, just as the title may lead you to believe, the story of Negro League baseball. It's told from the point-of-view of a nameless Negro League player, one who was probably average, relatively unexceptional, and who never made it to the majors. It follows the league from before its inception (did you know that in the 1860s, there were black players on the white professional teams? But that a secret agreement among the team owners forced them out until 1947, when Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers) to it's end in 1960.

The illustrations are amazing. They're breathtakingly lifelike paintings of the great Negro League players and great moments in its history. The use of lighting is incredible.

The text is--well, maybe it's jsut that I don't really enjoy baseball, but I never got sucked into the story. It might be just me, and of course, there's a wealth of interesting information in here, so, yeah. I'd recommend this book to anyone interested in baseball history or in black history, for sure, though, because even if they just flip through and look at the pictures, it'd be totally worth picking up the book.