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The Talented Clementine - Marla Frazee, Sara Pennypacker Clementine is in the third grade. The third grade is putting on a talent show. Clementine has NO talent. Well, no talent that she can think of, or that she could perform at the talent show. She's great at drawing, but how do you do that on stage? She's great at thinking up ideas, but that's not a performable talent, either.

Clementine gets in trouble a lot--her attention wanders, and she doesn't always think things through before she acts on her ideas. She's extremely smart, though, and as it turns out, she's great at seeing problems before they emerge; she makes a fantastic director.

This is a really funny little book, and Clementine reminds me of a more sophisticated Junie B. Jones. There's a hilarious incidence of shoe shopping, and many, many great one-liners.