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Winnie at Her Best - Jennifer Richard Jacobson, Alissa Imre Geis Winnie is in the 4th grade, and she's best friends with the best speller at her school and with the best actress at her school. But poor Winnie...she's not the best at anything. She's determined to change that, and she enters a city art competition for youth. While she's trying to draw the best drawing, she's also helping a kindergartener learn to read. John Stuart is not a happy child, and when his mother falls and has to go to the hospital on the same day as Winnie's art competition, she has to make a choice between accompanying the terrified boy or seeing the fruits of her labor.

Winnie stays with John Stuart, and she wins second in the art competition. Which makes her, in the end, one of the best artists in the city and the best friend.

This is a charming book, appropriate for 3rd grade reader, and I really appreciate that Winnie didn't actually win the art contest. Not every child is going to be the very best at anything, and I think a lot of children's books are shooting so hard for the happy ending that they forget about those kids.