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Keeping Faith - Jodi Picoult I loved this book while I was reading it, and I was very disappointed by the ending. It was a fast read, it was engaging, I absolutely didn't want to put it down.

A mother who has just discovered that her husband is cheating on her (several years after another cheating incident lead her to a suicide attempt) finds out that her daughter has an imaginary friend--God...who happens to be a woman. Faith performs some miracles and a media circus rises up around her--reporters camped out on the lawn, etc. Faith's father sues for custoday, and there's some question as to whether the mother might be forcing her daughter to do this for attention.

But they never actually say whether Faith is actually seeing God, or whether she's making it up, or whether her mother planted the idea in her mind somehow. The ending is actually DESIGNED to keep you guessing, which is pretty infuriating. Read at your own risk!