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White Crow - Marcus Sedgwick Rebecca and her father have come to Winterfold, a small English town that is slowly falling over the cliff's edge and into the ocean. They were looking to escape, but Winterfold isn't exactly the right place to visit to get away from every day horrors, and a strange, cruel girl named Ferelith befriends Rebecca and shows her around the town. Through three points of view--a third-person Rebecca, a first-person Ferelith, and the first-person diary of a 17th-century priest--we learn about the horrifying secrets Winterfold keeps, about fear, and life, and death, and then...about the after.

Man, this book killed my reading momentum. I read fabulous reviews of it, how chilling and creepy it is, but it just didn't work out for me. I think for a story like this to be truly scary, I would've needed a much greater attachment to Rebecca, and I never got that. It's strange that we get personal narratives from the priest and Ferelith--both characters that I can't see many people actually relating to--and then this third person from Rebecca. It keeps distance between her and the reader while pushing us closer to these people who are basically wholly unfathomable, and maybe that--the seeing inside twisted psyches--is what's supposed to be terrifying, and maybe I watch too much Criminal Minds for that to work on me with any kind of subtlety.

Anyway, I didn't actually enjoy this book on any level, but I most especially didn't get the thrill from it that one looks for when picking up a novel of horror.