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Private Arrangements - Sherry Thomas After my grim weekend reading, I rewarded myself with this, a beautifully fluffy romance, set near the end of Victorian Era. And it was seriously delightful. Lord and Lady Tremaine have been married for ten years, and they've gone nearly the entire decade without setting foot in the same city. It has seemed, to many, to be quite the perfect marriage. But now Lady Tremaine has petitioned for divorce, and Lord Tremaine is back, in London, in her home, and even in her bed.

I've never read a better written genre romance, actually. I don't even think I've read a romance like this, which slowly reveals the backstory in alternating chapters. The couple has chemistry and enmity, two essential things for a good genre romance. And, although there is a secondary romance, this book avoids the "complicated plot the puts the hero and heroine in danger and requires endless passages that have nothing to do with the romance" complex which I find in so very, very many romances, and which is always irritating.

I was a little let down by the reunion at the end (that's not a spoiler, right? This a romance, we all know it's going to end happily), as I found a distinct lack of drama, there, but otherwise, this was. Well, pretty darned awesome.