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The Memory Keeper's Daughter - Kim Edwards I don't think I did this book justice. I was impatient to get through it and get onto A Thousand Splendid Suns, so I didn't take the time to really examine it the way that I think it probably deserves. It's about living with the choices that you've made, and how one split-second, emotional decision can ruin lives, can create others. There's some hinting at destiny, there are a lot of abhorrent actions, and there's some heroism.

Also, lessons in tolerance, and there's a--an undertone of how trying to make your life perfect, or how trying to avoid changing a life that you think is perfect, can be destructive. I was waiting for an explosive ending that never came, and I guess it was better that way, but it was still somewhat anti-climactic.

Still, though, it's a book that you should buy if you want to read it, because you'll probably end up wanting to mark it all up. It's definitely thoughtful and interesting.