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Shooting the Moon - Frances O'Roark Dowell I loved this book. It's a first-person narrative told by Jamie, the daughter of a Colonel at Fort Hood during the Vietnam War. At the beginning of the book, Jamie is firmly pro-war. She says that if she were old enough, she'd join up herself and drive an ambulance or something, because she would love to see the action. She and her brother had played war together since she can remember, after all.

Then Jamie's brother joins up, Jamie's father does everything he can think of to stop him, and when Jamie's brother gets sent to Vietnam, everything changes. Jamie doesn't understand the Colonel's problem. But then her brother starts sending her the film he's been taking pictures on, for her to develop. And the pictures are--well, they're not exciting. They're sad, and their scary, and everything in Jamie's world starts to change.

The ending is incredibly powerful, the characters are layered and complicated, and Jamie is struggling to understand them.